Who We Serve

Who We Serve

  • Professionals of high moral character and commitment from both the International and local community.
  • Youth from less privileged section of the community in India.
  • Non Government Organisations.
  • Government Projects and Agencies.
  • Business establishments.

How we Serve Professionals

Recruitment for short and long term Placement with member care:
  • We receive appropriate Professionals to fill niche specific positions in NGOs, Govt. Agencies, Business Enterprises and Institutions in India.
  • We facilitate placement of select Professionals and
  • We provide member care throughout their placement.

  • A. For Internationals,
    services include
    • visa facilitation, registration and visa extension.
    • reception upon arrival.
    • orientation and cultural adaptation including sightseeing and shopping.
    • assistance in finding appropriate housing and children's education.
    • introduction to End User Organization and job description.
    • introduction to DevPro Network for strategic alliances.
    • advise on Continuing Professional Development.
    • periodic reporting for mutual accountability
    • conflict and crises resolution.

  • Professionals pay mutually agreed subscriptions to DevPro for services rendered.

  • B. For Nationals while the focus is on livelihood enablement to Youths from challenging economic and social backgrounds, DevPro also recruits and places other appropriate Professionals in productive positions.

How we serve End User Organizations:

  • DevPro receives requirement of Professionals from Organizations.
  • Possible candidates are introduced.
  • DevPro works with End User Organizations and Professionals on terms of engagement and job descriptions.
End User Organizations pay prescribed fees to DevPro for services rendered.